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Welcome to Chengdu!          


  We'd like to call your attention to the 9th ACES International Workshop to be held in Chengdu, China on Aug. 10-16, 2015.

  The APEC Cooperation for Earthquake Simulation (ACES) is a multi-lateral grand challenge research cooperation of APEC. The ACES program is fundamentally a coordinated international effort linking complementary nationally based programs, centers and research teams.

  The goals of ACES are: 1) to develop realistic numerical simulation models for understanding the physics and dynamics of the complete earthquake generation process and to assimilate new observations into such models, 2) to foster collaboration among the relevant complementary programs of participating APEC member economies, and 3) to foster development of the required research infrastructure and research programs.


  The main themes of the Workshop are:

  (1) Numerical simulation of earthquake generation and seismic wave propagation. There are many modeling procedures of earthquake faulting and seismic wave propagation. However, there are very few trials to integrate the simulation system from plate subduction to strong motion prediction. To make a useful and reliable prediction, numerical simulation based on the observation is inevitable.

  (2) Numerical simulation of tsunami generation and propagation. The computation of tsunamis due to large earthquakes is based on the shallow water equations which are not always valid, especially for very large tsunamis such as that from the M9.1 March 11, 2011 event.

  (3) Assimilation of numerical modeling to predict future natural hazards. The numerical modeling approach to date has been mainly focused on the development of methodology. Assimilation of observational data into the numerical modeling has been shown to be important for the prediction of future natural hazards.


  We warmly invite scientists working on earthquake simulation and earthquake disaster early warning to join the 9th ACES International Workshop in the beautiful Chengdu with long history and distinctive culture.


  We are looking forward to welcome and host you in Chengdu!


  The organizing committee